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Myo Clinic New Packages

RF BodyShape and Slimming 12 Weeks Package

  • 1hr/week
  • FREE 3 Session of 1hr Myotherapy Treatment
  • Including detox and vitamins to make it faster and easier.

Facial Anti Ageing 4 Weeks Package

  • 1hr/week
  • FREE 2 session of Aromatherapy Massage
  • To fight wrinkles and fine lines also it helps eye bag and eyelid lifting with lips enhancer to look fresh and soft.

What Myo Clinic Does

Myo Clinic have years of expertise, different skill sets and techniques at our disposal.

Our goal is to return you to a full range of motion so that you can get back to living a life of freedom and comfort. Myo Clinic can help you from Pain free with Joint mobility to Skin Treatment for fight ageing and to improve collagen to make you fresh and young looking.

We are here to give you some personal pampering with a varied range of options available. We do facials, body scrubs, slimming programs and even the famous hot stone massage all using our special certified organic products.  We are located at Nerang (near Kamholtz Family Park).

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For Our Clients

High-Quality Myo Clinic Services

With years of experience and a wide range of skills, we can help you achieve a happy and healthy body.

Myotheraphy Treatment

Trunk imbalance may cause the patient to appear to be listing to one side Scoliosis can affect one leg to become longer than the other and cause walking difficulties. need help?

Myo Clinic Package 101

Combo treat-central nervous system for gentle compression therapy with head and shoulder, chest, and abdominal treatment to get rid of the toxin and blockaged 

Non Surgical Face Lift

Reduces wrinkles, cellulite, flaccid skin, Acne, Scars, Rosacea, Hyperkeratosis, to develop self confedence

Facial Lifting
Facial lifting with pure organic collagen treatment no down time with smile for the fantastic rejuvenating result.
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(Valid to June, 2018)

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McLaren Rd, Nerang, Gold Coast

Mon–Sat: 9am–8pm, Sun: 11am–5pm

At Myo Clinic we accept instant appointment if we have availability but advanced booking much better to secure your time.

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