About Myo Clinic

About Myo Clinic

We are a family of Musculoskeletal Practitioners located near McLarend Rd in Nerang (around Kamholtz Family Park), Gold Coast. We have years of experience and a wide range of skills to assist you in achieving your goal of a happy and healthy body.

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Oasis Shopping Centre - Myo Clinic

Myo Clinic have years of expertise, different skill sets and techniques at our disposal.

Our goal is to return you to a full range of motion so that you can get back to living a life of freedom and comfort. Myo Clinic can help you from Pain free with Joint mobility to Skin Treatment for fight ageing and to improve collagen to make you fresh and young looking.

Meet The Team

Nancy Laurente Myotherapist

Nancy Laurente

Remedial Therapist
Beauty Therapist

I am a highly qualified professional in both Manual and Beauty Therapy and my passion is to teach my clients that there is always hope and to assist them towards a life of freedom.

I’ve come to understand that the passion in what I do and the knowledge that I have gained throughout my years of experience is never enough since every client is an opportunity for learning and growth and every problem is a different situation and requires a different solution –the learning never stops.

Danielle Laurente Remedial Therapist Skin Care Assistant

Danielle Laurente

Remedial Therapist
Skin Care Assistant